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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can a Controller Improve My Business?

Timely financial reporting is the key to knowing how your business is doing. A Controller is expected to provide this while providing oversight of key accounting functions. Various management accounting tools can provide further tracking and improvement of these functions. Most of all, a Controller will be your go-to person to solve any unusual or non-routine problem in your business.

Why contract out this service when I could hire someone dedicated entirely to my company?

We are dedicated to your company. Hiring a full-time controller comes at a significant cost and in addition to financial resources, involves the human resource aspect of hiring and managing additional staff.

Are there Better Financial Systems?

If you are unsure if your existing accounting software is really meeting your needs, we can review your requirements and help you transition your existing software to a more suitable and user-friendly program.

Are you a CFO-for-hire?

No. You may already have a dedicated CFO or you are the business owner trying to wear all hats which means you are the CEO, CFO, and much more. A Controller supports the CFO and will become an integral part of your management team.

What are the Trends Affecting My Business?

While your accountant will generally keep you updated on information on tax compliance, there are a lot of other changes going on around you. Sometimes it’s hard to know what you need to pay attention to and what changes will not impact your business.  Whether it’s tax legislation or guidelines specific to your industry, a Controller will be responsible for keeping you informed and ensuring your business is ready to make any changes as needed.  

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